DongBu Construction & Interior is an all-in-one General Contractor based in Queens, NYC. We are in charge of Designing, Developing and building in Commercial and Residential jobsites in the tristate area NY, NJ and CT for Pre-to-Post and On-Going Constructions as well.

DONGBU’S 4 BUILD-UPS – Trust, Quality, Efficiency and Innovation

DongBu Builds-Up Trust

From Start to Finish for each construction phase of all projects, our experienced construction team has respected and fulfilled the client’s needs with professional responsibility. Incorporated since 1983, DongBu prioritizes confidential relationships between clients that our satisfied clients keep great connections with us.

DongBu Builds-Up Quality

DongBu, We are proud ourselves that our well-trained crews can outperform the best result among competitors under the same condition. DongBu can handle unpredictable cases and risks at constructions with experienced solutions to solve the client’s problem. Our strong-bonded teamwork, skilled use of up-to-date materials and optimizing systems ONLY make the management possible.

DongBu Builds-Up Efficiency

DongBu dedicates a project procedure by planning the best Cost and Time efficiency. We conceptualize and design business and home buildings with customer-centric and friendly manners. In addition, we Care about the Balance between Aesthetic and Practical Goals of work.

DongBu Builds-Up Innovation

We make our role secure where our construction services provide life-enhancing commercial or residential spaces. To achieve our client’s welfare and happiness both emotionally and physically, we are willing to continue to dedicate ourselves to further enrich the whole construction process. When the moment Comes True We will say, “This is the Definition of DongBu’s Innovation.”

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