Our Services


To help clients earn High Profits from their business places, Dongbu creates structure that improves task efficiency on scanning of Convenient, Unique and Safe while observing the Up-to-Dated Permits and Regulations in the Department of Buildings by State.


DongBu makes residential rooms that are Cozy & Stable with a Spatial Impression and economical place where the Maintenance Expenses can be reduced on the energy consumption of the houses.

Institutional or Religious

DongBu’s plans in educational field make students motivated for their academic performances in a secure classroom environment & sacred places. Also DongBu looks forward to accomplishing more religious activities of diverse cultural backgrounds.

CNC & Laser cutting works

CNC* Machine is a computer-systemized tool for displays, interior items or parts of furniture in profit and non-profit spots. DongBu is self-operating but fully-equipped factory of CNC and Laser Cutting Machines by experts for years.
* What CNC is the abbreviation for a Computer Numerical Control machine, which Pre-programmed Computer Software dictates the Movement of Factory Tools and Machinery.

Customized Furniture

DongBu manufactures custom-designed furniture for a Specific Purpose at a Reasonable Price, offering our clients the Best Quality Furniture that is sturdy and lasts long.

3D Rendering

DongBu’s Clients can share ideas with our interior designers and technicians at DongBu’s office while looking into a planned visualization of 3D for your projects in detail.